Injection Molding

FourSquare/TRE’s Rapid Injection Molding (RIM) process is the perfect solution for you next project!

RIM is a cost effective solution for short run, development, or even full production!

Our Process

Our team understands that your project and deadline are important. That is why we have developed the unique Rapid Injection Molding (RIM) process. Our process follows traditional mold making standards, but at a fraction of the cost and time.

  •   Upon receipt of your 3D designs, our engineers will design your mold. We never use automated systems to complete your mold designs, ensuring the highest quality mold possible.
  •   Once your mold design is completed, we run a number or checks to ensure that your part will be perfect on the first run. (See Engineering & Design).
  •   Your mold is then built our of a high quality, hardened tooling aluminum. This tooling aluminum easy to use, a fraction of the cost of traditional steel, and can hold tight tolerances.
  •   Unlike our competitors, we will never ask you to change your design to fit our process. We use traditional CNC, EDM and manual machining tool building processes to ensure your parts are perfect the first time.
  •   Hand loaded inserts are used as an economic option for undercuts and other difficult design features.
  •   From start to finish, your project is completed 100% in house at our Conklin, NY


Insert Molding

Internal/External Threads

No minimum quantity


Multi-Component Family Molds

Complex design features

Thin wall features

Tight Tolerances

Your Parts

Parts in 3 weeks or less!

Once the mold is completed, we will send you samples for approval and begin production immediately after approval.

With no minimum or maximum order quantities, you can order as little or as many parts as you would like!